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blocking guide



Blocking Guide



Tips and Tricks to Improve IHC and IF Staining

Performing a successful immunohistochemistry (IHC) or immunofluorescence (IF) experiment requires the perfect combination of primary antibody, secondary antibody, and detection system. Blocking is a key step to ensure low background and a clear staining of the target epitope. When performed correctly, the blocking step reduces non-specific binding and quenches autofluorescence and endogenous enzyme activity, resulting in clear visualization of the target epitopes. In this guide, we will walk you through practical solutions to each potential source of non-specific staining in IHC and IF applications to empower you to improve your staining results.


What’s inside:

  • Introduction to non-specific staining
  • Solutions for different sources of background
  • Advice for IHC and IF protocols
  • Suggestions for blocking methods and reagents